Now Fluent in 9 Computer Languages - Just Learned Java!

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If there's anything dangerous about working in the Computer Science field, it's the prospect of getting left behind. Every day new technological advancements are being made, languages are being updated, and people are coming up with new and better ways to do crazier and more badass stuff.

Being fluent in 8 computer languages already feels awesome, but why not keep going? I'm gonna major in Computer Science, and I decided I wanted to know Java, so I spent 10 hours every day for 3 weeks immersed in it. And now I can officially say I'm fluent in my 9th language.

Learning this language helped reinforce my recent epiphany that the number of programming languages I know will never be enough. Not only because I love the satisfaction of being fluent in a language after working hard to achieve a certain level of proficiency, but also because there are just so many damn languages out there to learn.

I'm happy to make this announcement, and I've already posted my first Java project for you to see, a 2D space shooter videogame!

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